10 fashion blogs you have to check out

19 Jan

By Sara Mahmood

Reader request for Alexa Chung's Outfit

A fan asked and Frugal Fashionista delivered! (Image Courtesy of Frugal Fashionista)

  1. Frugal Fashionista
    There’s no doubt that celebrities have a huge inspiration on the world of fashion. If you want to dress like the stars but have a budget, head over to Frugal Fashionista. You can get the same sexy suede over-the-knee boots as BlakeLively for only $40. My favourite feature? The 10 under $10 posts. Ten items for cheap—and it’s not just accesories. There are shorts, skirts and tops featured in these posts as well.  Another thing I love about Frugal Fashionista is the “search by celebrity” bar at the side, where you can see all the posts about your favourite stars. Copying Natalie Portman’s Golden Globes looks has never been easier. As great as all that sounds, it’s not even the best part. Frugal Fashionista takes reader requests. Send in a picture of an outfit you love and Frugal Fashionista does all the work, getting the outfit to you for cheap!
  2. Toronto Street Fashion

    Toronto Street Fashion talking about how clutches were the bag to have at 2007's TIFF (Photo courtesy of Toronto Street Fashion, taken by Sonja Andic)

    Celebrities shouldn’t be the only people praised for their sense of fashion. Sometimes it’s the outfits ofyour neighbours, co-workers, and other people yousee on the street that catch your eye. Looking at the style-savvy people on a street style blog and realizing they’re so close to me makes me feel more connected to Toronto Street Fashion than any street style blog from London or Paris. This blog has evolved over the years to become more than just another street fashion blog. Now it gives us the news about the fashion world (letting us know that Target is coming to Canada and giving us a new fashion-themed reality show alert). When I think “fashion blog”, I think of sites like Toronto Street Fashion—not just pictures of fashion, but an expression of how fashion affects your life.

  3. Who What Wear

    The new Sang A bag collection (photo courtesy of Who What Wear)

    Who What Wear’s blog is the polar opposite of Toronto Street Fashion. There’s very little text, if any, in the posts. Basically, Who What Wear’s blog is a collage of pretty pictures, and that’s what makes it great. This blog is a perfect example of how fashion transcends words and is its own language–the clothes and images do all the talking. Fashion is a lifestyle, but it’s also an art form and art is meant to be looked at. Enjoy Chanel’s new ad campaign or see Charlotte Gainsbourg in Vogue Italia and decide what you think of the outfits on your own.  Blogs like Who What Wear remind us that fashion and clothes are meant to be looked at and enjoyed. What makes a good outfit is up to you.

    Honourable mentions (in no particular order):

  4. Fashion Toast
  5. The Purse Blog
  6. The Sartorialist
  7. Fabsugar
  8. The Fashion Birdcage
  9. Nitrolicious
  10. The Bag Blog

What are your favourite fashion blogs?

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